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Antioxidants in plant foodstuff

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Recent papers from my research group

  • Gundersen,T.E. and Blomhoff,R. (2001). Quantitative and qualitative liquid chromatographic determination of natural retinoids in biological samples. Journal of Chromatogr A. 935(1-2):13-43 (pdf)
  • Ulven,S.M., Gundersen,T.E., Sakhi,A.K., Glover,J.C., and Blomhoff,R. (2001). Quantitative axial profiles of retinoic acid in the embryonic mouse spinal cord: 9-cis retinoic acid only detected after all-trans retinoic acid super-elevated experimentally. Dev Dyn. 222(3):341-53. (pdf)
  • Carlsen.H, Moskaug,J.O., Fromm,S.H., and Blomhoff,R. (2002). In vivo imaging of NF-kB activity in transgenic mice using luminescence. Journal of immunology. 168(3):1441-6. (pdf)
  • Halvorsen,B.L., Carlsen.H, Myhrstad,M.C., Nordström,O., Sakhi,A.K., Holte,K., Hvattum,E., Haffner,K., Moskaug,J.O., and Blomhoff,R. (2002). Total antioxidant activity in dietary plants: Dog rose and many berries are exceptionally high in antioxidants. J Nutr. 132(3):461-471. (pdf)
  • Myhrstad,M.C., Carlsen.H, Nordström,O., Blomhoff,R., and Moskaug,J.O. (2002). Flovonoids increase the intracellular glutathione level by transactivation of the gamma-glutamylcysteine syntethase catalytic subunit promoter. Free Rad Biol Med. 32(5):386-93. (pdf)