Ragnar Winther


Stilling : Professor ved faggruppen for matematisk modellering
Institusjon : Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo
Kontor : Rom 1009, Niels Henrik Abels hus
Kontortelefon : 22 85 59 35
Email : rwinther@ifi.uio.no


Differensialligninger og numerisk analyse.

Undervisning hÝsten 2002: AIM 301: Analyse av partielle differensialligninger


  • Preconditioning discrete approximations of the Reissner--Mindlin plate model
  • Preconditioning in H(div) and applications
  • Multigrig preconditioning in H(div) on non-convex polygons
  • A domain embedding preconditioner for the Lagrange multiplier system
  • Domain embedding preconditioners for mixed systems
  • Domain embedding and the Dirichlet problem
  • An L1-error bound for a semiimplicit difference scheme applied to a stiff system of consevation laws
  • On the zero relaxation limit for a system modeling the motions of a viscoelastic solid
  • Multigrid in H(div) and H(curl)
  • A robust nonconforming H2-element
  • A robust finite element method for Darcy--Stokes flow
  • Mixed finite elements for elasticity
  • Preconditioned iterative methods for scattered data interpolation
    Opptak fra AIM 301 forelesning her

    Oppdatert 14. mai 2001 av Ragnar Winther