Professorship in Macro and Monetary Policy Issues

The professorship expired 1st April 2018, after the two seven year periods scheduled in the initial agreement.

Steinar Holden was appointed to the professorship as of March 1st 2004. The professorship is based on a donation from Norges Bank. The donation was for an initial seven-year period with the possibility of renewal for a further seven-year period. As of 1 March 2011, it was renewed for the second seven-year period. The professorship entails the same rights and the same work obligations as other professors at the University of Oslo. The University of Oslo has the full employment responsibility for the professor. The position includes an annual budget which will be used for activities such as workshops and conferences, PhD courses, visits by guest researchers from abroad, funding research assistants or purchasing data.

In addition to the listed events, the professorship finances a number of shorter research visits.  Seminar presentations are announced in the regular
seminar program. Many of the listed events are organized in collaboration with other institutions. In some cases, other institutions undertake the practical arrangements, and the professorship contributes a part of the funding.

Student scholarship in macroeconomics and monetary policy

1-2 student scholarships are available for Master’s students at the Department of Economics, who write a Master’s thesis within macro and monetary policy issues. The scholarship is NOK 12 000, and will usually be tax free.  




Workshops and conferences

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PhD courses

·         Monetary-fiscal interactions. Professor Eric M. Leeper 24-26 April 2013.

·         Financial crises and credit frictions in open economies. Professor Enrique G Mendoza. 20-24 August 2012.

Student scholarship in macroeconomics and monetary policy

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