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Virtual Corpus Tour

The virtual corpus tour gives an introduction to the ENPC and NICLE search interfaces.

The search interface used with the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus is the Translation Corpus Explorer (TCE). With TCE we can perform searches in English or Norwegian original or translated texts. The ENPC has two sub-corpora: ENPC/fiction and ENPC/non-fiction. The search results are displayed as s-units in the search language (either English or Norwegian) and the corresponding s-unit or s-units in the other language.

How to perform a simple search in the ENPC.
How to perform advanced searches in the ENPC:

How to get information about the texts in the corpus.

How to perfom searches in NICLE.

The corpora are only available to researchers and students who have been given permission to use them.
If you have not already received a username and password, please fill in this form.
A static version of the ENPC guidelines is available here.
A static version of the NICLE guidelines is available here.
To get to the corpus interfaces use the drop down menu on the course web pages ("Select corpus"). (See also Guidelines.)