Black holes

Analytical and numerical solutions for some spherically symmetric mass distributions in general relativity, including a classical analogue to evaporating black holes.


A collection of various work-related plots that didn't turn out quite as expected.


Assembly programming and patches for old console games.

$C2/1119 20 68 FA    JSR $FA68  
$C2/FA68 A2 12       LDX #$12   
$C2/FA6A A0 00       LDY #$00   
$C2/FA6C BD A0 3A    LDA $3AA0,x
$C2/FA6F 4A          LSR A      
$C2/FA70 90 0F       BCC $0F    
$C2/FA72 EC F8 33    CPX $33F8  
$C2/FA75 F0 0A       BEQ $0A    
$C2/FA77 89 1A       BIT #$1A   
$C2/FA79 D0 06       BNE $06    
$C2/FA7B 89 20       BIT #$20   
$C2/FA7D F0 02       BEQ $02    
$C2/FA7F A0 01       LDY #$01   
$C2/FA81 CA          DEX        
$C2/FA82 CA          DEX        
$C2/FA83 10 E7       BPL $E7    
$C2/FA85 98          TYA        
$C2/FA86 0D 41 2F    ORA $2F41  
$C2/FA89 60          RTS        

Ping maps

World maps of ping time as a function of location.

0 ms 400 ms

More maps and details here.

Oslo Orientering Map

A google maps overlay where paths can be drawn (shift-click), edited (drag points + delete key to delete points), and saved ("s" key).

More details here

Alternatives to copyright

A short article listing three alternatives to copyright, that all allow for authors to be compensated while still allowing works to be shared and modified freely.


This comic describes an idea for a democratic system that tries to combine the best features of direct and representative democracy. Only in Norwegian for now.