I work as a research scientist and project leader at Simula Research Laboratory. Additionally, I hold a part time position as associate professor at the University of Oslo. I was born in 1974, and finished my PhD in 2004.

My primary research interest is to find out how to develop maintainable, flexible and numerically efficient simulators for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). See the description of the "Software for PDEs" project at Simula for further information.

We have developed a new simulator for the electrical activity of the heart. The homepage of this simulator shows some preliminary simulation results.

My software


Together with Ondrej Certic, I have interfaced GiNaC from Python using SWIG to generate the wrapper interface. The project is called swiginac, since PyGiNaC is taken. Swiginac serves as a symbolic engine for Famms (Fully Automatic Method of Manufactured Solutions), see below. You can find more information about this project at our project pages at BerliOS.


This is a thin, high--level abstraction on top of Swiginac. It is currently distributed together with swiginac.


Famms is a framework for automatically applying the method of manufactured solutions to PDE simulators written in C/C++, Fortran and Python. The idea is to specify PDE problems symbolically in Python, choosing a desired analytical solutions, and compute a source term that enforces this solution to the perturbed PDE problem. The new source term is automatically inserted into the numerical simulator, and the simulator should be able to approximate the known solution. This way we can detect bugs, inspect numerical methods, and quantify numerical errors. The framework can handle scalar and vector PDEs, and systems of these (SystemFamms). For more information, please visit the project pages at BerliOS.

Contact Information

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