Steffen Fiksdal


Institutt for informatikk




Use and emulation of TCP in wide area distribution networks

Teoretiske fag høst 2002:

INFSERV (3 vt) og INF312 (3 vt)

Teoretiske fag våren 2003:

INFMKT (2 vt) og INF-PRI (2 vt)


My thesis proposes an alternative to the infamous TCP HTTP based streaming by implementing a heterogeneous

transport environment separated by a proxy. The proxy is placed just outside the access network of the user.

To stay TCP-friendly, the implementation uses TFRC streaming between the origin server and the proxy. The proxy reflects

all incoming data to a pre-established TCP connection towards the client. By using this arrangement in conjunction with SPEG-like hierarchical layered video I wish to investigate the possibility for a smooth, continuous stream to the client by using TCP in the access network.


It is hard to avoid the need for client-side buffering using TCP for streaming of stored content. The paper suggests an extension to the RTSP standard where the receiver and the sender can negotiate a proper buffer size in the terms of playback time during RTSP establishment. The sender can exploit this information to make the right decisions whether an RTP packet ready for sending will likely introduce quality-jitter or time-jitter at the client. If so, the packet can be dropped which again makes other packets enter the queue earlier.


The thesis is right here: MSc thesis


I have just started working on bonux, my own multibuggy operating system: bonux


I am also working on a fileinfo tool: fileinfo


Here is a proposal for securing the coffee pot control protocol: rfc9999.txt


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