Elisabeth Bakke:

Doomed to failure? The Czechoslovak nation project and the Slovak autonomist reaction 1918–38
  • PhD Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Thesis was successfully defended June 18th 1999.
  • Published in the Series of dissertations submitted to the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo, 11/1999
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Foreword, detailed contents, register of tables and figures


p. i-ix




Part One: Theoretical approach

p. 9


p. 11

Chapter 1: On sources and method

p. 12-23

Chapter 2: To be reckoned among nations

p. 24-29

Chapter 3: Ancient bond or invented tradition?

p. 30-56

Chapter 4: A nationality policy framework

p. 57-76



Part Two: Historical  Background

p. 77


p. 79

Chapter 5: Czech and Slovak history in outline

p. 80-119

Chapter 6: Czech and Slovak national revival

p. 120-133

Chapter 7: Czech and Slovak identity redefined

p. 134-156



Part Three: The Analysis

p. 157


p. 158

Chapter 8: Czech and Slovak political elite

p. 160-178

Chapter 9: Official Czechoslovakism

p. 179-238

Chapter 10: Czech, Slovak or Czechoslovak?

p. 239-313

Chapter 11: A struggle for cultural equality

p. 314-376

Chapter 12: A matter of Slovak bread?

p. 377-437

Chapter 13: Centralism against Slovak autonomism

p. 438-513




p. 514-533




p. 534-557

Appendixes A-D


Appendix D2 Employment by region


Appendix E State budget


Appendix F-H