Links to European Studies

1. EU, EEA, European issues in general



Official pages

Gateway to Europe – homepage of the European Union


Norwegian web pages







Norwegian Reasearch Institutions

ARENA – Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo



News, information, opinion, links

EUobserver – news

EurActiv – news, positions, actors

Eurocities – nerwork of European cities

Eurozine – web magazine

EU-business – information on business in the EU

ČSU – Czech Statistics' links to official statistics in European countries



Norwegian pages:

Europaveien – information, links and news on the EU, EEA and Europe

Bernt Aardal's home page – Norwegian opinion polls on membership etc.

Europabevegelsen & Europeisk ungdom – pro-EU organizations

Nei til EU – anti-EU organization



2. Elections & politics

Constitution finder –

Election resources on the Internet, Western Europe.

Election resources on the Internet: Central and Eastern Europe.

Wikipedia – elections by country. Sjå også 



(Last update May 2006).