NORDIC POLITICS: COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES
alone (2004)
nordic politics
This book questions the existence of what often has been knoen as “the Nordic homogenity”. This is done through thorough                                                           
                                           analysis of both Norwegian, Swedish and Danish political fields. Is it possible to speak of an own, Nordic model in Europe?


                                           HVA SKJER MED PARTIENE?  (Eng: What is happening to the parties)

                                           co-authored with J. Saglie (2002)

                                           Here we are showing that the political parties in Norway have changed as a result of more general socio-econmical changes in                                                       
                                           Norway. The book is based upon organisational data, as well as several qualitative and quantitative researchs among the political                                                   
                                           parties. This publication was a part of the Norwegian Makt- og Demokratiutredningen 1998 – 2003. NB! Only available in                                                           

                                           ISBN: 82-053-1315-6

                                           STATSVITENSKAPELIG UTSYN  (Eng: The view from a Political Science perspective)
co-edited with H. Baldersheim and B. Hagtvedt (2000)

This book provides a run-through of topics and ways of thinking which are shaping Politcial Science at the turn of the Millenium.
                                           Examples of these are globalisation, the pressure at the welfare states and the many channels of democracy. NB! Only available in                                                 

                                           NORWAY – CENTRE AND PERIPHERY. ELITES ON TRIAL

An introduction to, and analysis of, the political system in Norway, with a special focus on political parties, democracy and the                                                       
                                           distribution of power. Among other things, it shows that Norway is one of the world's richist countries which still is based on a                                                       
                                           strong egalitarian culture and local connections. This book was rewarded Choice Outstanding Academic Book, 2001

                                            BEYOND WESTMINISTER AND CONGRESS: THE NORDIC EXPERIENCE
co-edited with P. Esaiasson (2000)
the nordic experience
A collection of thirteen different scholars' presntation of the parliamentaric life and its procedures in the five different Nordic                                                            
ISBN: 08-142-5042-6


                                            PARLIAMENTRY PARTY GROUPS IN EUROPEAN DEMOCRACIES: POLITICAL PARTIES BEHIND                                                                
                                           CLOSED DOORS
co-edied with R. Koole (2000)

An analysis and comparison of parliamentarian party groups in thirteen European states, as well as in the European Parliament
                                            One of the book's main findings is that the the importance of these parliamentary party groups are increasing in all the states.                                                       
                                            ISBN: 04-152-2336-2

                                            VESTEUROPEISK POLITIKK  (Eng. West-European Politics)

co-authored with E. Berntzen (1998)

                                            This is an introductuary book to the main features of the political system in 18 Western-European states. The main emphasis is put                                                
                                            upon the historical pre-requistions behind the institutional arrangements today, on the partysystems and the main governmental                                                        
                                           coalitions. NB! Only available in Norwegian
                                            ISBN: 82-004-2711-7

Parties Without Boarders? The international linkages of political parties
                                            co-authored with L. Svåsand (1997) NB! Only available in Norwegian

                                            ISBN: 82-518-3623-9

                                            PARTIENE I EN BRYTNINGSTID
                                            (Eng.: The Political Parties in Times of Changes
                                            co-edited with L. Svåsand (1994) NB! Only available in Norwegian

                                            ISBN: 82-419-0153-4

                                            (Eng.: The Party Democracies Challenged. Norwegian Party Elites in a Democratic Perspectiv)

                                            (1988) NB! Only available in Norwegian

                                            ISBN: 82-00-02655-8

                                            NORSKE POLITISKE FAKTA 1884 -- 1982
                                            (Eng.: Norwegian Political Facts 1884 -- 1982)
(1983) NB! Only available in Norwegian

                                            ISBN: 82-00-05628-7





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