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Linking structure, energetic and dynamic properties

of disordered materials


The complexity of grossly disordered systems hinders fundamental understanding of the functional properties of many classes of advanced materials. Links between the dynamic structure, thermodynamic behaviour and ionic and electronic conductivity are central themes in contemporary solid-state sciences, and disordered materials remain a challenge both to experiment and theory. We are presently approaching this topic


·        theoretically by configurational averaging using density functional theory and force-field methods

·        experimentally by calorimetry, electrochemistry, diffraction and spectroscopy


A schematic energy landscape with local minima and saddle points may be taken to illustrate the connection between structure, energetics and e.g. ionic conductivity. Transport must take place via different inherent

structures corresponding to certain local energy minima on the potential energy hypersurface.






For further details see the following pdf-files:


Order in the disordered state

      Structural Entities in Complex Oxides

Cation Size-mismatch Effects

Breakdown of Intermediate Range Order in Liquid GeSe2 at High Pressures


Structural Entities and Configurational Entropy

Redox Energetics of Perovskite-related Oxides

Defect Clusters in Wüstite at High Pressure


Linking Structure, Energetics and Dynamics

      Collective Ionic Transport in Fast-Ion-Conductors

Structural Criteria for Fast-Ion-Conduction

Energy Landscapes, Order and Disorder

Fragility Transition in GeSe2









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