Welcome to Sven's pages

Hi, my name is Sven, and I live in Oslo, Norway. Me happy

By the way, this is a self-portrait. Made many years ago during a frantic periode in my photo lab + first Photoshop tweaks.

I started climbing during the summer of 98. Pictures of me and friends climbing and falling in/down the hills, can be viewed in my climbing section called Vegglus.

Tennis re-entered my life 4 years ago, and now alpine touring/downhill skiing is about to follow suite, becoming my wintertime sidekick to climbing. Wonder if I have a dementing illness.

I also love sci-fi films, which once upon a time resulted in me winning "Best act" at a costume party.

I've been a Senior Engineer at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights since the beginning of 2000, responsible for computer systems administration and user support.


Look, a pitching plane! An airplane pitching via tail elevators