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Last update: Sunday, 2008-08-03 1:23

Weather : Norway > Oslo | Møre og Romsdal | Telemark : Sverige > Bohuslän
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Hi! These pages serve as my personal web portal for climbing, besides being a place where I can showcase pictures from different trips and climbing experiences. Some pages may appear in Norwegian. Hope you find something interesting!



Started to plan for a trip to China with some friends, both for climbing and travel. Suggestions and travel tips are welcome!

[old news]

:Recent moves:

8a.nu and bouldering.no

:Climbing gyms in Oslo:

:Projects and plans:

Jønnetrappa - my ol' cabin project... [1][2][3][4][5]


Skomaker Truls Gundersen
Løkketangen 3
1300 Sandvika
Tlf: 67564251

Oslo Resålingssenter
Slattum Terasse 35H
1480 Slattum
67 07 82 68


  • Where is it? Click and lick it up.
  • Why go there? The rock is sweet, massive, and close to bed! Norwegian speaking apes can read this article by Hans Jørgen.
  • What is it about El-Chorro and vegetables? You'll get it - just learn the phrase "Sin verduras, por favor!"

See some pictures, read the RockFax page, visit the Finca La Campana site, and you'll be there pretty soon! Look into the gallery section for more pictures.

Accomodation in El-Chorro

:Photo gallery:

Scrambled Collection of Links

Nafplio: Ceusse: Nissedal: Finale Ligure: Bohuslän: Railey/Ton Sai [01] [02] [04]

Romsdal: Göteborg: El Chorro-1: El Chorro-2: El Chorro-3


Sherry Ortner: Life and Death on Mt. EverestJamling Tenzing Norgay Touching My Father's Soul: A Sherpa's Journey to the Top of Everest

Ortner, Sherry Life and Death on Mt.Everest: Sherpas and Himalayan mountaineering

:Technical and Rescue advice:

Når uhellet er ute - Book by Geir Grimeland(in norw.)
NKF's sikkerhetssider
BMC Safety and Skills
Rock climbing resources at uoregon.edu (PDF-files)
Rescue Dynamics - Canadian firm's home page
Blue Mountains Climber's Rescue Group
Considerations for Rope Rescue in 2002

Chart comparing different grading systems, or take this one from the 8a.nu site.



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Steepstone Norges beste nyhetssite for sportsklatrere - med mange førere.
Norges Klatreforbund  
Kolsås klatreklubb Klatreklubb i Oslo
Bohusläns klätterklubb Følg med på bl.a. aksessinfo for området
Bergen klatreklubb Det er bl.a. der det skjer...
Kristiansand klatreklubb  
BRV - Bratte Rogalands Venner Klubben i et av Norges beste klatrefylker
Klatregruppa i Bø  
Krimp Var beste krimpested. R.I.P.
Adrenaline Noe klatring, mest friluftsliv.
Klatresiden.no Nettbutikk. Grei sak.
Vertical Playground Nettbutikk. Bra priser og utvalg.
Sportsnett.no Nettbutikk. Mye for vanlig friluftsliv.
Mountain Tools Nettbutikk. Tja...
Lars Jones' homepage Fete bilder ifra turer i vegg og luft.

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RockClimbing.com Rich on content and Open Source!
The Climbing Dictionary Understand what kewl climbers babble about..
Trainingforclimbing.com Information on climbing performance
Headwall.com T. Roisli's grand topo database!
Rockfax.com Guide books, route database and a lot more!
BigUp Productions High quality climbing and bouldering films.
planetFear UK-based climbing site with tons of quality content.
Rock & Ice, Climbing, 8a.nu, theDeadPoint, BoulderingDomain, Magazines, e-zines etc.
Yahoo!:Climbing and Google:Climbing The Yahoo and Google climbing directory
Climbing at MountainZone.com Go there even if you're a lawn mower.
Tom's dirtbag climbing gear tricks A DIY-page for gear repairment
The Nuts Museum History of nuts, Friends and other camming devices
jClimber's Diary A free climbing diary application (Java, GPL license).

------------------------------- .italian

Jollypower.com Good reading about training techniques (also in English)

:Personal introduction:

Hi! These pages serve as my personal web portal for climbing, besides being a place where I can showcase some pictures from different trips and climbing experiences. Some pages may appear in Norwegian. This site will be updated whenever my fingers bleed, rain is falling, and the gyms are closed.

BTW: 'Vegglus' is the Norwegian word for a type of lice(latin: kori), and also the name of a route at Damtjern between Oslo and Drammen. That route was one of my projects at the time I started messing with this site. The climbing abilities of lice are of course excellent, but I like the analogy it pust up to climbing concerning the relation of its size to the walls it can climb!

Besides my first free soloing attempts at the age of 5, I did my first real climbing in May -98. I owe the fact that I started climbing at all to my friend and climbing partner Bjørn, who had been trying to tempt me into this excellent activity for some years. Also, I'm very lucky to have several friends as climbing partners. One of them, Lars Jones, has his own great home page. Basically, we all meet up at least 2-3 times a week for either some afternoon cragging or indoor bouldering, depending on the weather in Oslo...

Just too bad I discovered climbing so late, but then again, climbers tend to keep their gear at hand way into their old age. On the technical side, I know of 45 year olds who climb 8c, and Arne Næss Sr. hasn't given up yet either! I'm only a 67' :-) Also, being an old boy scout, I really enjoy the excellent motivation that climbing gives me to go camping with friends, though I'm glad the scouting is over and done with.

Climbing for me means sport/free climbing. Mostly one or two pitches on bolts or natural protection. However, I've also managed to get a good start on my mountain climbing experience. Planning more of that, and will try some aid climbing this year.

Redpoint: Hang Ten (7c, BB), Ton Sai, Thailand, 29/12/2004.
Onsight: Rosida (7b, BB), Nafplion, Greece, 14/4/2006.

Here's my unknown twin brother playing "Little Wing" at Hueco Tanks...

All photos (c) Sven Høgdahl Created: 01/05/2000