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CAT -- short for CO5BOLD Analysis Tool -- is a widget-based tool to be run under IDL. It allows the interactive analysis of data generated with the radiation (magneto-)hydrodynamics code CO5BOLD. The major tool is the flexible display of 2D slices. The view plane, the direction and the shown physical quantity can be changed just by clicking. But also 1D profiles and even 3D surfaces can be plotted. Moreover, CAT offers the generation of images and movies and also the extraction of model snapshots.

Recent upgrades:
  • number densities and magnetic field components
  • improved 3D visualisation
  • MPEG tool

Snap shots:

Click for larger image. Click for larger image.

Beta version:

Please note that the development is still at its beginning! Hence, there might still be a number of bugs and some functional short-comings. Please send me an e-mail if you encouter problems or if you have comments or ideas how to improve future versions of CAT.

Download. You need to register before you can download the files. Just send an e-mail to me to get user ID and password.

Exemplary data:

After installation you need some data to play with. Send me an e-mail and I will provide some suitable files.


A manual still does not exist but should come with one of the future versions. Meanwhile some hints to get started:
At the beginning CAT reads a settings file named catpar/default.cat that contains the name of the default model and all necessary paths. You need to adjust these informations. After starting CAT, select the entry "Edit settings" from the "Options" menu, edit the required information and save again. You should save it under "catpar/default.cat". Afterwards you can simply use the "(Re-)Load" button to load the model or select it from the "File" menu.

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