Master thesis projects

Simulations of M-type Dwarf Stars
What are M-dwarfs?
Dwarf stars of spectral type M, shortly called “M-dwarfs”, are by far the most frequent stars in the universe. They are therefore not only of large interest for our understanding of stars but for a wide range of topics including the chemical composition and evolution of the universe and their role as host stars of extra-solar planets. As these reddish stars are cool and faint, they are relatively difficult to observe. Consequently, many properties of the atmospheres of these objects are poorly known yet.

What would be the thesis topic?
Your master thesis project would be closely connected to a study that recently received funding from the Research Council of Norway. It focusses on the nature of magnetic fields and chromospheric activity of M-dwarfs. The approach includes 3-D simulations (radiation magnetohydrodynamics), spectrum synthesis (radiative transfer calculations) and comparison with observations (possibly data from Keck, VLT, Hubble ST).
The exact master thesis project can be defined according to your interests and abilities. This may involve tasks like carrying out, analysing, and visualizing 3-D simulations or comparing such data to observations or a combination of those.

Who should I contact for more information?
You are welcome to come to my office if you have further questions and/or want to see some examples of simulations and observations:

Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm
room: 213

Sven Wedemeyer-Boehm