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Furthermore, I am Editorial Board member of the Journal of Astrophysics.

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  • 2016ApJ...827....7K Kato, Yoshiaki; Steiner, Oskar; Hansteen, Viggo; Gudiksen, Boris; Wedemeyer, Sven; Carlsson, Mats Chromospheric and Coronal Wave Generation in a Magnetic Flux Sheath

  • 2016SPD....47.0102F Fleck, Bernard; Straus, Thomas; Wedemeyer, Sven Testing Wave Propagation Properties in the Solar Chromosphere with ALMA and IRIS

  • 2016SSRv..200....1W Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Hudson, H.; Fleishman, G.; Loukitcheva, M.; Fleck, B.; Kontar, E. P.; De Pontieu, B.; Yagoubov, P.; Tiwari, S. K.; Soler, R.; Black, J. H.; Antolin, P.; Scullion, E.; Gunár, S.; Labrosse, N.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Benz, A. O.; White, S. M.; Hauschildt, P.; Doyle, J. G.; Nakariakov, V. M.; Ayres, T.; Heinzel, P.; Karlicky, M.; Van Doorsselaere, T.; Gary, D.; Alissandrakis, C. E.; Nindos, A.; Solanki, S. K.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Shimojo, M.; Kato, Y.; Zaqarashvili, T.; Perez, E.; Selhorst, C. L.; Barta, M. Solar Science with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array—A New View of Our Sun

  • 2016Msngr.163...15W Wedemeyer, S. New Eyes on the Sun — Solar Science with ALMA

  • 2016arXiv160100587W Wedemeyer, S.; Fleck, B.; Battaglia, M.; Labrosse, N.; Fleishman, G.; Hudson, H.; Antolin, P.; Alissandrakis, C.; Ayres, T.; Ballester, J.; Bastian, T.; Black, J.; Benz, A.; Brajsa, R.; Carlsson, M.; Costa, J.; DePontieu, B.; Doyle, G.; Gimenez de Castro, G.; Gunár, S.; Harper, G.; Jafarzadeh, S.; Loukitcheva, M.; Nakariakov, V.; Oliver, R.; Schmieder, B.; Selhorst, C.; Shimojo, M.; Simões, P.; Soler, R.; Temmer, M.; Tiwari, S.; Van Doorsselaere, T.; Veronig, A.; White, S.; Yagoubov, P.; Zaqarashvili, T. ALMA Observations of the Sun in Cycle 4 and Beyond

  • 2015ASPC..499..347P Phillips, N.; Hills, R.; Bastian, T.; Hudson, H.; Marson, R.; Wedemeyer, S. Fast Single-Dish Scans of the Sun Using ALMA

  • 2015ASPC..499..345W Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Barta, M.; Shimojo, M.; Hales, A.; Yagoubov, P.; Hudson, H. Solar ALMA Observations - A New View of Our Host Star

  • 2015ASPC..499..343W Wedemeyer, S.; Parmer, A. ALMA's High-Cadence Imaging Capabilities for Solar Observations

  • 2015ASPC..499..341W Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Barta, M.; Shimojo, M. Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network

  • 2015AdSpR..56.2679W Wedemeyer, S.; Bastian, T.; Brajša, R.; Barta, M.; Hudson, H.; Fleishman, G.; Loukitcheva, M.; Fleck, B.; Kontar, E.; De Pontieu, B.; Tiwari, S.; Kato, Y.; Soler, R.; Yagoubov, P.; Black, J. H.; Antolin, P.; Gunár, S.; Labrosse, N.; Benz, A. O.; Nindos, A.; Steffen, M.; Scullion, E.; Doyle, J. G.; Zaqarashvili, T.; Hanslmeier, A.; Nakariakov, V. M.; Heinzel, P.; Ayres, T.; Karlicky, M. SSALMON - The Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network

  • 2015arXiv151106153W Wedemeyer, Sven; Ludwig, Hans-Günter Synthetic activity indicators for M-type dwarf stars

  • 2015ApJ...812...19T Tremblay, P.-E.; Fontaine, G.; Freytag, B.; Steiner, O.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Steffen, M.; Wedemeyer, S.; Brassard, P. On the Evolution of Magnetic White Dwarfs

  • 2015IAUGA..2257466W Wedemeyer, Sven; Bastian, Timothy S.; Brajsa, Roman; Barta, Miroslav SSALMON - The Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network

  • 2015IAUGA..2257295B Bastian, Timothy S.; Barta, Miroslav; Brajsa, Roman; Chen, Bin; De Pontieu, Bart; Fleishman, Gregory; Gary, Dale; Hales, Antonio; Hills, Richard; Hudson, Hugh; Iwai, Kazamasu; Shimojo, Masumi; White, Stephen; Wedemeyer, Sven; Yan, Yihua The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array: a New Asset for Solar and Heliospheric Physics

  • 2015IAUGA..2256852W Wedemeyer, Sven; Kato, Yoshiaki; Steiner, Oskar The statistical properties of vortex flows in the solar atmosphere

  • 2015IAUGA..2256732W Wedemeyer, Sven; Brajsa, Roman; Bastian, Timothy S.; Barta, Miroslav; Hales, Antonio; Yagoubov, Pavel; Hudson, Hugh; Loukitcheva, Maria; Fleishman, Gregory Solar ALMA observations - A revolutionizing new view at our host star

  • 2015IAUGA..2255174W Wedemeyer, Sven; Ludwig, Hans-Günter; Hauschildt, Peter; De Gennaro Aquino, Ivan Synthetic activity indicators for M-type dwarf stars

  • 2015IAUGA..2252221W Wedemeyer, Sven Solar Observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array

  • 2015AAS...22541301B Bastian, Timothy S.; Shimojo, Masumi; Wedemeyer-Bohm, Sven; ALMA North American Solar Development Team Observing the Sun with ALMA: A New Window into Solar Physics

  • 2014PASJ...66S..10W Wedemeyer, Sven; Steiner, Oskar On the plasma flow inside magnetic tornadoes on the Sun

  • 2014ApJ...797...36S Scullion, E.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Wedemeyer, S.; Antolin, P. Unresolved Fine-scale Structure in Solar Coronal Loop-tops

  • 2014ApJ...791...61F Freij, N.; Scullion, E. M.; Nelson, C. J.; Mumford, S.; Wedemeyer, S.; Erdélyi, R. The Detection of Upwardly Propagating Waves Channeling Energy from the Chromosphere to the Low Corona

  • [J22] Wedemeyer, Sven, Scullion, Eamon, Rouppe van der Voort, Luc, Bosnjak, Antonija, Antolin, Patrick 2013, ApJ, 774, 123
  • [J21] Thomas R. Ayres, Jim R. Lyons, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Elisabetta Caffau, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm 2013, ApJ 765, 46
    • Is the Sun Lighter than the Earth? Isotopic CO in the Photosphere, Viewed through the Lens of 3D Spectrum Synthesis

  • [J20] Sven Wedemeyer, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Oskar Steiner 2013, Astron. Nachr., 334
  • [J19] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Eamon Scullion, Oskar Steiner, Luc Rouppe van der Voort, Jaime de la Cruz Rodriguez, Viktor Fedun, Robertus Erdélyi 2012, Nature, 486, 505 - 508
  • [J18] Bernd Freytag, Matthias Steffen, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Werner Schaffenberger, Oskar Steiner 2012, Journal of Computational Physics
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  • [J15] Friedrich Wöger, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Han Uitenbroek, Thomas Rimmele, ApJ 706 (2009) 148-157:
      Morphology and Dynamics of the Low Solar Chromosphere

  • [J14] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Luc Rouppe van der Voort, 2009, A&A 503, 225-239:

  • [J13] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Andreas Lagg, Åke Nordlund, 2008 (online), Space Science Reviews 144, Issue1 (2009), 317:

  • [J12] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, 2008, A&A 487, 399-412
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  • [J10] Rezza Rezaei, Oskar Steiner, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Rolf Schlichenmaier, Wolfgang Schmidt, and Bruce Lites, 2007, A&A 476, L33-L36 (Letter)
  • [J09] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Matthias Steffen, Jorrit Leenaarts, Bernd Freytag, 2007, A&A 471, 977-991
  • [J08] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Matthias Steffen, 2007, A&A 462, L31-L35 (Letter)
  • [J07] Alexandra Tritschler, Wolfgang Schmidt, Han Uitenbroek, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, 2007, A&A 462, 303-310
  • [J06] Jorrit Leenaarts, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, 2006, A&A 460, 301-307
  • [J05] Friedrich Wöger, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Wolfgang Schmidt, Oskar von der Lühe, 2006, A&A 459, L9-L12 (Letter)
  • [J04] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Inga Kamp, Jo Bruls, Bernd Freytag, 2005, A&A 438, 1043-1057
  • [J03] Jorrit Leenaarts, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, 2005, A&A 431, 687-692
  • [J02] Sven Wedemeyer, Bernd Freytag, Matthias Steffen, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Hartmut Holweger, 2004, A&A 414, 1121-1137
  • [J01] Sven Wedemeyer, 2001, A&A 373, 998-1008:

  • Conference-related Journal Articles

  • Eclipse on the Coral Sea: Cycle 24 Ascending / GONG 2012, LWS/SDO-5, and SOHO 27 (Palm Cove, Australia, November 2012)
  • 2nd CO5BOLD Workshop (Heidelberg, Germany, October 2012) (in press)
    • [C06] Wedemeyer, S. 2013, Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana Supplement, v.24, p.96
      The CO5BOLD Analysis Tool

  • ISSI Workshop on Origin and Dynamics of Solar Magnetism, Bern, January 2008
  • 80th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft, Würzburg, 24-29 September 2007
    • [C04] R. Rezaei, O. Steiner, S.Wedemeyer-Böhm, R. Schlichenmaier, B. W. Lites, 2007, Astron. Nachr. 328, Issue 7, 706:
      Variation of the Stokes-V area asymmetry across magnetic elements

  • First HELAS Local Helioseismology Workshop "Roadmap for European Local Helioseismology", Nice, 2006
  • Internationale Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, Freiburg, Germany, 2003
  • GREGOR Workshop, Göttingen, Germany, 2002

  • Conference Proceedings

  • 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held March 18- 22, 2013 in The Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution No. 1719, p.3038
  • IAU General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2009
    • [P15] Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Luc Rouppe van der Voort, MdSAI:
      The solar continuum intensity distribution: Settling the conflict between observations and simulations

  • Proceedings of the 2nd Hinode Science Meeting (Boulder, USA, 2008) to appear in ASP Conf. Series:
    • [P14] Friedrich Wöger, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Thomas Rimmele:
      Morphology and dynamics of photospheric and chromospheric magnetic fields

  • Proceedings of IAU Symposium 247 (2007, Isla Margarita, Venezuela):
  • Proceedings of the Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting 2006 "The Physics of Chromospheric Plasmas", October 2006, Coimbra, Portugal, ASP series, eds. P. Heinzel, I. Dorotovic, R. J. Rutten:
    • [P11] Jorrit Leenaarts, Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm, Mats Carlsson, Viggo Hansteen:
      Non-equilibrium hydrogen ionisation in the solar atmosphere

  • Proceedings of IAU Symposium 239, General Assembly XXVI, 21 - 25 August, 2006, Prague:
  • Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on Chromospheric and Coronal Magnetic Fields, 30 August - 2 September 2005, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, eds. D. Innes, A. Lagg, S. Solanki, D. Danesy, ESA SP-596, 2005:
  • NSO Workshop #23, Solar MHD: Theory and Observations - A High Spatial Resolution Perspective, Sac Peak, USA, 2005:
  • Proc. of 'The 13th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun', Hamburg, Germany, 2004
  • IAU Symposium No. 210, Modelling of Stellar Atmospheres, Uppsala, Sweden, 2002

  • More Conference Contributions (Abstracts)

  • JENAM 2001, Munich, Germany, 2001:
  • Internationale Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, Bremen, Germany, 2000:
  • Internationale Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, Göttingen, Germany, 1999:

  • PhD thesis

  • [T02] Wedemeyer, S. 2003:

  • Diploma thesis

  • [T01] Wedemeyer, S. 1999:

  • Miscellaneous

  • [M01] Ristow, D., Wedemeyer, S. (GEOMAR, Kiel), 1998:

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