Solar-Stellar Lunch

Solar-Stellar Lunch is the regular informal meeting of the Solar Physics Group at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics in Oslo. Everybody at the institute who works in or close to this field (or is just interested) is welcome to participate. In particular, master and PhD students are very welcome!

We meet once a month to discuss current issues of common interest to the group. Since April 2011, we start with a short presentation (not more than 30 min) before we continue with the usual round along the table. Everybody gets the chance to say what she/he has done lately and/or to make announcements and/or to introduce herself/himself.

The idea is to have an informal meeting. Rather, it will be a relaxed gathering during which we can talk about current projects, results, and problems, brain-storm about new projects, bring to attention interesting conferences and research opportunities or just exchange solar-physics-related gossip. You are most welcome to contribute your own ideas!

You can contribute with an additional short (!) presentation (max. 5 min) of a current project/publication that you consider of common interest. Please let me know if you want to speak for more than 5 min!
Or maybe you want to discuss a scientific issue/problem and want to hear what your colleagues think about it? This is your chance! You may also suggest particular topics that should be discussed in more detail during the meeting.

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