Taoyuan Wei (魏涛)

Senior Researcher (Forsker I)

CICERO Center for International Climate Research

P.O. Box 1129, Blindern

NO-0318 Oslo, Norway

Phone:   +47 22004704

E-mail: taoyuan.wei@cicero.uio.no

Official homepage: Taoyuan Wei at CICERO

Curriculum Vitae



Comprehensive national accounting, energy economics, climate change

·       Integrated assessment modeling and analysis on climate change issues since 2009 (the CGE model: GRACE).

·        CGE modeling and analysis on energy and environmental issues since 1998.

·        Research on rebound effects of energy efficiency improvement, one of the key measures commonly suggested for climate change mitigation, since 2005.

·        Ph.D. in economics at the University of Oslo, 2009.

·        National accountant at National Bureau of Statistics of China, 1995-2004.


Selected publications (Cristin, Google Scholar, ReseracherID)

Energy economics

Rebound effect of energy intensity reduction on energy consumption (Coauthors: J. Zhou and H. Zhang). Resources, Conservation & Recycling 144 (2019) 233-239.

Estimation of global rebound effect caused by energy efficiency improvement (Coauthor: Y. Liu) Energy Economics 66 (2017) 27-34 (popular article; GRACE codes without GTAP data)

Market and non-market policies for renewable energy diffusion: a unifying framework and empirical evidence from China’s wind power sector (Coauthor: Y. Liu) The Energy Journal, Vol. 37, SI1, 195-210. Annex.

Wave transition in household energy use (Coauthors: R. Zhang, J. Sun, and Q. Shi) Technological Forecasting & Social Change 102 (2016) 297-308

Energy market impacts of nuclear power phase-out policies (Coauthors: S. Glomsrød, T. Mideksa, and B. Samset) Mitigation and Adaptation of Strategies for Global Change 20 (2015)  1511-1527

Bioenergy consumption in rural China: Evidence from a survey in three provinces (Coauthors: R. Zhang, S. Glomsrød and Q. Shi) Energy Policy 75 (2014) 136-145

Household energy use and carbon emissions in China: A decomposition analysis (Coauthor: Q. Zhu) Environmental Policy and Governance 25(2015) 316-329

A general equilibrium view of global rebound effects  Energy Economics 32 (2010) 661-672

Coal cleaning: a viable strategy for reduced carbon emissions and improved environment in China? (Coauthor: S. Glomsrød) Energy Policy 33 (2005)  525-42

Climate change

A warmer policy for a colder climate: Can China both reduce poverty and cap carbon emissions? (Coauthors: S. Glomsrød, B. Aamaas,  M. Lund, and B. Samset) Science of the Total Environment 568 (2016) 236-244

An economic evaluation of solar radiation management  (Coauthors: A. Aaheim, B. Romstad, J.-E. Kristjansson, H. Muri, U. Niemeier, and H. Schmidt) Science of the Total Environment 532 (2015) 61-69

Distributive fairness: A mutual recognition approach  (Coauthor: A. Underdal) Environmental Science and Policy 51 (2015) 35-44

Extreme weather, food security and the capacity to adapt - the case of crops in China (Coauthors: S. Glomsrød and T. Zhang) Food Security, 9(3), 523-535

Climate change impacts on crop yield: Evidence from China (Coauthors: T. Cherry, S. Glomrød, and T. Zhang) Science of the Total Environment 499 (2014) 133-140

Impacts and adaptation to climate change in European economies (Coauthors: A. Aaheim, H. Amundsen, and T. Dokken) Global Environmental Change 22 (2012) 959–968

What STIRPAT tells about effects of population and affluence on the environment? Ecological Economics 72 (2011): pp.70-74

 Comprehensive national accounting

Accounting price of an exhaustible resource: A comment Environmental and Resource Economics 60 (2015) 579-581

Comparing approaches to valuing sectoral net investments Resource and Energy Economics 35 (2013) 316-328

Capital gains and income arising from nonrenewable resources Environmental and Resource Economics 52 (2012) 293-300

Sectoral income (Coauthor: Geir B. Asheim)  Environmental and Resource Economics 42 (2009) 65-87


Articles in Chinese

中国城乡居民年龄别消费模式量化与分析 (合作者: 朱勤)人口研究2015, 39(3): 3-17

居民消费视角下人口城镇化对碳排放的影响 (合作者: 朱勤) 中国人口·资源与环境2013(11) 24-32

上海碳排放强度结构分解分析 (合作者: 付雪,王桂新) 资源科学2011, 33112124-2130

征收碳税对中国经济与温室气体排放的影响 (合作者: S. Glomsrød) 世界经济与政治2002 年第8

世界石油价格上涨对我国经济的影响 (合作者: 何晓群)  经济理论与经济管理2002 年第4


Seminars and workshops

Breakfast Seminar to celebrate Chinese New Year 2017

LDE final workshop (Caution: Please contact the speaker for citations!!!)