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- Organizational learning (PED 2720) - Research on working life learning in the knowledge society (PED 4331 specialization) - Organizational learning and innovation theory (PED 4400) - Orgamization of knowledge within professions (PED 4410) - Working-life pedagogy (PED 4440)
I am Professor in work, society and learning at the Faculty of Education, Institute for Educational research (Pedagogisk forskningsinstitutt). I have previously worked at the Centre for technology, innovation and culture 1995-2004, Work Research Institute (WRI) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology Japan Programme (part time). .
Recent publications: Grønning, Terje & Siw M. Fosstenløkken (2014). The learning concept within innovation systems theorizing: A narrative review of selected publications on national and regional innovation systems . J ournal of the Knowledge Economy . Grønning, T. (2013). "Business models and innovation activities within new industries: The case of medical biotechnology", in B. Ran (Ed), Global perspectives on technological innovation . Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing
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