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CD compilations released in 1995

record Coming Down - A Creation Compilation
Creation Records, CRECD 135 ( jewel case)

5. Guiding Star (Love)
record Creation Unreleased
Creation Records/Sony Music, SAMP 2821 / 11-002821-10 (promo, cardboard sleeve)

1. Mad Dog 20/20 (Love)
record Definitivt BEAT Volume 2
BEAT Magazine, Norway, DBVCD2 (jewel case)

9. Mellow Doubt (Blake)
record ...Hold On BBC Radio 1 FM Sessions
Melody Maker/BBC, MM/BBC CD 97-99 (jewel case)

8. Sparky' Dream (Love)
Recorded live at Bristol Sound City, April 19, 1995
record Buy-Product
Geffen Records, DGCD-24824 (jewel case)

11. Sparky's Dream (Love)
record Buy British
Sony Germany, DRA 481101 2 (2xCD, slim double jewel case)

Disc One
4. Mellow Doubt (Blake)
record The Incredible Son of Swag
Geffen Records, PRO-CD-4718 (promo, cardboard sleeve)

13. Sparky's Dream (Love)
record Rah Rah Sis Boom Swag
Geffen Records, PRO-CD-4796 (promo, cardboard sleeve)

14. Don't Look Back (Love)