Teenage Fanclub

CD compilations released in 1997

record Certain Damage Volume 83
CMJ New Music Report/College Media Inc., CMJ CD-083 (promo, jewel case)

1. Can't Feel My Soul (McGinley)
record What's Up Matador
Matador Records, OLE 163-2 (2xCD, slim double jewel case)

Disc One
3. Catholic Education (Blake)
record The MOJO Machine Turns You On 3
MOJO Subscriber CD 3 (jewel case)

14. Winter (Blake)
record Shine 9
Polygram TV, 553 975-2 (2xCD, slim double jewel case)

Disc Two
6. I Don't Want Control Of You (Blake)
record Big Issue - 6th Anniversary CD
Big Issue/Creation Records (die cut paper sleeve)

13. I Don't Want Control Of You (Blake)
record What's New Debbie?
Columbia, CSK 2729 (promo, jewel case)

6. Ain't That Enough (Love)
record VOX - Haute Couture
Vox/IPC Magazines Ltd, VOX HC CD 97 (jewel case)

14. Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From (McGinley)
record The Main Stage
Time Out Magazine, May 1997 (cardboard sleeve)

2. Planets (Blake)
record Generation Next - Next Wave
Sony Music Special Products, A 28769 (jewel case)

5. Ain't That Enough (Love)