Teenage Fanclub


Other stuff:

Alasdair Roberts - The Amber Gatherers (with Gerry Love)
Bill Wells - Pick Up Sticks (Norman involved)
The Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Seance At Hobs Lane (Norman involved)
The Mount Vernon Arts Lab - Gummy Twinkle (Norman involved)
George Borowski - Call Me (feat. Norman)
Cineplexx - Picnic (feat. Norman)
a.c. acoustics - Wrist Eye 5-track demo 1992. Backing vocals by Gerry

Gerry Love: music for NADFLY titled All I Have to Do Is Sit and Wait.
"Gerard Love created music for Abbeyview "all I have to do is sit and wait" (15.00). Fifteen minutes is time it takes to travel from Dunfermline Centre to Abbeyview by bus. It is part of the Tweed Street Tour art project."