The Amazons International Chat Club is an addition to the AI newsletter <>, and is intended for:

I expect and will maintain pretty much the same quality and style in the AI chat as in the newsletter, even if the chat is more informal. Basically, if what you are planning to post is something you wouldn't want your 15-16 year old daughter to see or hear, take it elsewhere. Then again, I perceive most 15-16 year olds, especially girls perhaps, to be generally mature enough to know most of the facts of life and to be considered young adults or close enough, so this is an advocacy of class or style, rather than puritanism. Be, speak and act adult - but not adult in the pornographic or sleazy sense.

If you do a keyword search at for clubs or groups that contain words like amazons, female fighter, women's bodybuilding and the like, you will find a huge number of clubs, most of them less than a year old, many only a few months, or weeks, or even days, old. So there is clearly a boom happening right now. Most of these groups are highly specialized with a tight focus; like Female Biceps, or Amazon Pirates in History, or Black Women Bodybuilders in the New York Area, or Male Feminists Unite, or Biker Babes with Serious Muscles. Or personal fan clubs of various shows, actresses, athletes or characters such as literally hundreds of clubs dedicated to various aspects of Xena, Chyna, Wonder Woman etc.

That's good. We need a lot of specialized groups. Amazons International, however, will continue to be a generalist group - a forum for those who see or want to be a part of a bigger picture, a meeting ground for the whole spectrum of, and therefore widely different perspectives on, Amazons. But can there really be a picture big enough to encompass and/or develop a common ground between feminist historians, muscular biker babes, heroic feminist fantasy fans, feminist archaeologists, action heroine movie fans, male feminists, bicep fetishists, lesbians and role playing gamers? The 10 year history of Amazons International seems to suggest such a possibility.

You can find the Amazons International Chat club page here: <>. You can join it directly at that page, by a simple two-click process. You can read postings without joining it, but for access to the other club features and services you must be a member.

Here's the AI chat presentation from that page:

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Thomas Gramstad