The aynarchism mailing list is a forum for those who believe or would like to explore the idea that a "randarchy" or "aynarchy" (Objectivist or Rand-influenced society) could or should be an anarchy - that is, that Ayn Rand's philosophy and social theory implies a stateless society and a non-authoritarian culture.

The aynarchism list is intended as a vehicle for comparing, contrasting and critizicing/extending Randian philosophy and social theory with anarchist thinkers, and as a forum for discussing the whole wide range of concepts and beliefs about stateless societies. In particular, it is hoped that positions that are widely held to be incompatible with and opposed to each other, and thus rarely discussed in the same forum, can be discussed here. In other words, both anarchosocialists and anarcho-capitalists are welcome, and it is hoped that these two ideological traditions can communicate with each other here.

NB! No minimum state vs. anarchy flame fests here! This forum is for comparing different concepts about stateless societies and non-authoritarian cultures.

In fact, I'd like to avoid flame fests altogether. Due to the volatile and value-laden subject matter, the aynarchism list is currently moderated (that is, postings are read through and approved by a moderator before being distributed). This may change in the future (that is, the list may become unmoderated), if deemed desirable and appropriate.

New subscribers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the articles and materials in the anarchism section of the POP culture (Premises Of Post-Objectivism) web site, see http://www.ifi.uio.no/~thomas/po/articles.html.

You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) yourself to the aynarchism list via this web page: http://ifi-lists.uio.no/mailman/listinfo/aynarchism@ifi.uio.no. This mailing list is managed with the Mailman listserver.

In order to post to the list, send your posting to this address: owner-aynarchism@ifi.uio.no. You will receive a copy of your own posting via the list when it is distributed.

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