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Premises Of Post-Objectivism


Do you have an article that you would like to see published on the POP Culture web site? Here is how.


  1. Anyone may (of course) point me to an article they think merit inclusion.
  2. If you submit an article to me with your name on it you are stating that (A) you wrote the article and (B) that you are the copyright holder to the article, or that you have permission from the copyright holder to publish the article on POP Culture.
  3. Enclose the article's publication history, if any, with the article.


  1. The article must explore, present or compare new and original or at least underexposed ideas, connections, comparisons and the like.
  2. The article compares or connects Rand to one or more other thinkers, traditions, fields, contemporary issues or the like. The article does not give the impression that it was written in an Objectivist cloister.
  3. Examples of topics that POP Culture is always interested in expanding upon include but are not limited to: Rand and other egoist philosophers (Epicurus, Nietzsche, Stirner etc.); Rand and anarchists (left or right); Rand and feminism; pagan values, sense of life and philosophy; issues related to progress, utopia, futurism, trans- and posthumanism; issues of esthetics and art especially when informed by a pagan and/or futurist sensibility.
  4. The following topics or positions are considered inherently incompatible with and opposed to Post-Objectivism: Advocacy of theism, sexism, patriarchalism & gender roles, "pro-life" anti-abortionism and all other authoritarian doctrines.


  1. The article must be submitted in the plain text-format, or in hand-coded HTML closely matching POP Culture's clean, minimalist style. (No RTF and no closed document formats like Word, etc.)
  2. When/if published on Post-Objectivism, the article will be prefaced with title, author and publication history (if any), preferably with hyperlinks to author and publication(s).

The above requirements are subject to revision or expansion at any time.

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