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Name:Thomas Kvalvåg
Live:Oslo, Majorstuen

I started my Master degree this fall(2003). Or actually I started in the spring semester with taking just one course. My goal is to finish my education in the normal time frame, 2 years. At the time I am combining both school and work.


My prior education is a Bachelor degree in computer science.

Finished courses:

INF-MKTMultimedia Communication and Transmission2003 Spring6
INF4150Operating systems2003 Fall10
INF4160Operating systems2003 Fall10
INF5040Open distributed systems2003 Fall10
INF5550Introduction for Master students2004 Spring-
INF5050Protocols and Routing2004 Spring10
INF5260Building mobile information systems2004 Spring5
INF5070Multimedia systems2004 Fall10
ThesisSecure Content Distribution Infrastructures2005 Fall60

Current courses:

None, done :)


I am currently working for Accenture ltd. I have been with the company for 5+ years. I am at System Analyst Level in Accenture Technology Solution. My main focus is related to J2EE and Linux.
I have mainly been assigned to Financial projects in my time with Accenture. At the time I am working at a goverment project.


Here is a link to a schpa dude