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Tor Iversen




Institute of health management and health economics
P.O box 1089 Blindern
0317 Oslo



Forskningsveien 3A, Inngang 2




(+47) 22 84 50 32






Selected publications

Iversen, T., 1993. A theory of hospital waiting lists. Journal of Health Economics 12, 55-71.

Iversen, T., 1997. The effect of a private sector on the waiting time in a national health service. Journal of Health Economics 16, 381-396.

Iversen, T., Lurås, H., 2000. Economic motives and professional norms: The case of general medical practice, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 43. 447-470.

Biørn, E., Hagen, T. P., Iversen, T., Magnussen, J., 2003. The Effect of Activity-Based Financing on Hospital Efficiency: A Panel Data Analysis of DEA Efficiency Scores 1992–2000. Health Care Management Science 6, 271–283.

Iversen, T., Kopperud, G.S., 2005. Regulation versus practice: The impact of accessibility on the use of specialist health care in Norway. Health Economics. 14, 1231–1238.

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