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Current project: Internet Governance (Igov2)

The project examines a set of important issues that arise from recent and ongoing changes to the way in which the DNS of the internet is governed. The project has two main prongs of research. The first prong critically examines the ongoing enlargement of the generic Top-Level Domain namespace. The second prong assesses the relative utility of respectively (i) contractual mechanisms and (ii) legislative and treaty-based mechanisms for global governance structures in Internet governance generally, but with focus particularly on the management and steering of the DNS.    

Further details about the Igov2 project.

Completed projects


The focus of my PhD research was on legal risk management. The ENFORCE project was funded by the Research Council of Norway. For details please see the ENFORCE website.


The mission of the TrustCoM project, where I led the legal research, was to provide a trust and contract management framework enabling the definition and secure enactment of collaborative business processes within Virtual Organisations that are formed on-demand, self-managing and evolve dynamically, sharing computation, data, information and knowledge across enterprise boundaries, in order to:

  •  tackle collaborative projects that their participants could not undertake individually or
  • collectively offer services to customers that could not be provided by the individual enterprises. 


Legal-IST  was an EC funded project, under the FP6 IST Programme, aimed to support research in the IST Priority from a legal point of view by studying the legal implications of current research initiatives and providing suggestions for relevant implementation strategy.

In Legal-IST my primary focus was on data protection implications in relation to identity management systems. 


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