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Selected publications

Forthcoming: Legal Risk Management (publication date TBD)

Olsen, Thomas;  Mahler, Tobias, Identity management and data protection law: Risk, responsibility and compliance in "Circles of Trust".
- Part I: (Sections 1, 2) , Computer Law & Security Report, 23(4), 2007, pp. 342-351.
- Part II: (Sections 3-5), Computer Law & Security Report, 23(5), 2007, pp. 415-426.
Full text available at SSRN.

Tobias Mahler. Defining Legal Risk. In Proc. Commercial Contracting for Strategic Advantage – Potentials and Prospects, pp. 10-31, Turku University of Applied Sciences, 2007.
Full text available at SSRN.

Mahler, Tobias; Bing, Jon. Contractual Risk Management in an ICT Context -- Searching for a Possible Interface between Legal Methods and Risk Analysis. Scandinavian Studies in Law 2006, Vol. 49:pp. 339-357.

Mahler, Tobias; Vraalsen, Fredrik. Legal Risk Management for an E-Learning Web Services Collaboration. In: Sylvia M. Kierkegaard (ed.): Legal, privacy and security issues in information technology - volume 1. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Legal, Privacy and Security Issues in IT (LSPI), held in Hamburg, Germany, 30.04.2006 - 02.05.2006. Oslo: Complex 2006 (3), pp. 503-523.
Full text available at SSRN.

Mahler, Tobias; Vraalsen, Fredrik. Legal Risk Analysis with Respect to IPR in a Collaborative Engineering Virtual Organization. Proceedings of the Sixth IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (Pro-VE); 26.09.2005 - 28.09.2005. Published in: Camarinha-Matos, Luis M.;  Afsarmanesh, Hamideh; Ortiz, Angel (ed.) Collaborative Networks and their Breeding Environments; 2005. PDF

Cooper, Vicky; Conte, Marco; Mahler, Tobias. Legal Issues in SME Clusters. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising: Integrating Engineering of Products, Services and Organisations, ICE 2005; 20.06.2005 - 22.06.2005. PDF

Vraalsen, Fredrik; Lund, Mass Soldal; Mahler, Tobias; Parent, Xavier; Stølen, Ketil. Specifying legal risk scenarios using the CORAS threat modeling language - Experiences and the way forward. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2005;3477. PDF

Mahler, Tobias; Olsen, Thomas. Reputation Systems and Data Protection Law. In: eAdoption and the Knowledge Economy : Issues, Applications, Case Studies. Amsterdam: IOS Press 2004, 180-187. Also published in Yulex 2004.
Full text available at SSRN.


A more comprehensive list of publications and presentations is available in a database.


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