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Saturday 16 August

Registration and reception for participants and accompanying persons

Sunday 17 August

0900    Registration (Tøyen Mansion House)

0930    Welcome by Gunnar Raade

0950    Information by Roy Kristiansen

Chairman: Giovanni Ferraris

0955    Gunnar Raade

            An introduction to scandium: mineralogy and crystal chemistry

1025    Carl A. Francis

            Clifford Frondel’s contributions to scandium science

1045    Coffee break

1115    Tom V. Segalstad

            Resources and uses of scandium

1135    J. Røyset

            Scandium in aluminium alloys

1205    C. M. Gramaccioli, I. Campostrini and P. Orlandi

            Scandium minerals in the miaroles of granite at Baveno

1235    Lunch

Chairman: Gunnar Raade

1330    F. Bernhard

            Scandium mineralizations of Austria

1400    G. Juve and H.-J. Berg

            Norwegian scandium mineralizations – an overview

1430    E. Semenov

            Types of scandium mineralization in the former USSR

1500    Coffee break

1530    E. Panova

Sc – a lithogenous indicator of Devonian sedimentary rocks in the north-west of the Russian Platform

1550    Poster session

            S. Matsubara, R. Miyawaki and K. Yokoyama

            Ishikawaite and its Sc content

             D. Q. Li and Y. Bai

            Solvent extraction and separation of scandium

Qingkun Shang and D. Q. Li

Application of high performance centrifugal partition chromatography (HPCPC) on separation of scandium, yttrium and lanthanum

            Y. G. Wang, S. L. Meng, D. Q. Li, Y. Bai and X. L. Wang

            Concentration and purification of scandium with sec-nonylphenoxy acetic acid as extractant

Monday 18 August

Chairman: Tom V. Segalstad

0900    G. Raade and R. Kristiansen

            Scandium as a trace element in the Heftetjern pegmatite minerals

0920    G. Ferraris, G. Raade, A. Gula and G. Ivaldi

            Incorporation of scandium and other structural aspects in kristiansenite

0950    G. Raade and F. Bernhard

            Coexisting scandium minerals in the Heftetjern granite pegmatite

1010    L. Raimbault

Scandium budget in rocks: an assessment of the respective contributions of mafic and accessory minerals

1040    Coffee break

1110    J. A. Campbell. J.-P. Laval and M.-T. Fernandez-Diaz

            Defect structure of CaF2 doped with trivalent scandium ions

1130    Y. Moëlo

Crystal chemistry of lanthanoids (Sc, Y, REE) in phosphate phases within an oolitic ironstone (Armorican Massif, France): metallogenic consequences

1200    U. Kolitsch and E. Tillmanns

            Flux growth of compounds in the system Sc2O3–Al2O3–TiO2–SiO2

1230    Lunch

Chairman: Uwe Kolitsch

1330    Scott A. Wood and Iain M. Samson

            The aqueous geochemistry of Sc

1400    T. I. Shchekina and E. N. Gramenitskiy

Geochemistry of scandium in fluorine-bearing granite and nepheline syenite magmas: evidence from experimental data

1430    Daniel Röhnert

            Scandium in the Earth’s upper mantle: experiments and application

1500    Coffee break

1530    Concluding remarks

            Information for excursion participants

1930    Conference dinner

Tuesday 19 – Friday 22 August

Field Excursion

The Kongsberg silver mine

The Fen carbonatite area

The Heftetjern and Høydalen granite pegmatites, Tørdal

The Setesdal Mineral Park, Evje

The pegmatites in the Evje-Iveland district: Æretveit, Slobrekka, Li, Landsverk

The Bjordammen granite pegmatite, Bamble

Nepheline syenite pegmatites in larvikite quarries, Tvedalen

Abstracts and Field Excursion Guide

Available for the registered full participants in the symposium are all abstracts and a comprehensive field excursion guide, published in the series:

NGF Abstracts and Proceedings of the Geological Society of Norway, No. 2, 2003, 91 pp.

Sc abstracts and Field Excursion Guide

Additional copies will be available for sale at the registration booth or from the symposium organizers during the symposium, or from the symposium organizers after the symposium. Price: Norwegian Kroner 150 (approx. US$ 30) + postage. Inquire to Tom V. Segalstad (E-mail: t.v.segalstad -at-

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Tom V. Segalstad

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