Help on printing the documents included on this webpage

You need the freely downloadable Acrobat Reader to read the files on this web page. The files are all saved in a 170mmx240mm format, which is the format of the book. This means that the pages probably should be rescaled to print on whatever format you prefer, e.g. DIN A4 paper. In most cases, Acrobat reader will do this by itself. If this is not the case, i.e. if there is a lot of white space around the text when printed in A4 format, we have made a figure where the relevant settings shown if you chose "Print" from the "File" menu, are shaded in red, .

If you experience any problems downloading or printing these documents. Feel free to write an e-mail to torgrim.solstad* Please make sure to replace the "*" character by the @ sign.

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