Norwegian Kant Society

The Norwegian Kant Society is a non-affiliated, non-profit society working to further knowledge of Kant's philosophy and its relevance for almost all areas of current philosophy, both among professional philosophers and for the interested layman.

The Kant Society arranges single lectures, one-day symposia and broader research education courses lasting 2-3 days. Below there is a link to a list of events the last few years. (The list is in Norwegian,  an English translation will hopefully be provided in the near future.)

Each year a general assembly for members is arranged. Here a board is elected, which handles running affairs and plans lectures and courses in the year ahead. Currently the board consists of Christel Fricke and Camilla Serck-Hanssen (joint chairpersons),  Frode Kjosavik (secretary),  Steinar Mathisen (treasurer), Anita Leirfall (member), Sven Arntzen (member), and Thor Sandmel (member).

List of recent events



Last updated: December 10, 2004