Thor Sandmel

A little about myself.

I am of the noble vintage of 47. I am working as assistant teacher at Mathematics Department at the University of Oslo. My e-mail adress is: Currently my main task is being "electronic oracle" for our elementary courses in mathematics, i.e. I answer questions from the students via e-mail. My two main professional interests are mathematics (surprise, surprise!) and philosophy, and they unite in a thesis on the philosophy of mathematics which I defended on the 15. September 2001. The thesis is written in Norwegian, but here you can read the title page, the table of contents, the Prologue (soon), and a brief summary in English. Soon the preface and chapter 3 will also be available. Later I will translate other parts of the thesis, with links from the table of contents. You may also enjoy my two trial lectures, or at least the first one, the second being in Norwegian.


In 2004  I published a follow-up to my thesis, also in Norwegian, but here you can read a brief summary.  Currently I am researching the relatioship between Kant's dialectic and modern science.

Other fields of interest are physics, astronomy, languages, psychology, social anthropology and almost anything else; some notable exceptions are law, economy, sports, cars and social gossip.

I am married, and live in a house standing out of doors at night. I belong to the species homo homeboundiensis (just ask my wife), so I rarely go to concerts, but I like listening to classical music. At times I mistreat my poor piano, the tones coming rather randomly, as I never quite know where my fingers will descend.

I am also an active member of the Norwegian Cerebral Palsy Society, currently serving in the Board of the Society's local branch in Oslo and Akershus.


Last updated April 30, 2008.