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Trond Reitan
Researcher (postdoc)
Room 3305, the biology building
CEES, Department of biology, University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1053 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway
(47) 22 85 44 03 (office), (47) 92 29 28 94 (mobile)
trond.reitan at
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This is the home page of Trond Reitan at CEES, the department of biology, the university of Oslo. The links in the left side of the page will take you to the contents that I've made available here. If you are interested in C++-programming, please check out my library. The same link also contains a few nice graphing programs for linux and a couple of regression programs.

Special features

  • I have made a relativly short intro to Kalman filtering (via more general filtering on hidden Markov processes). It is available as PowerPoint and PDF.
  • GSA 2015 presentation about bivalve and brachiopod extinction/origination rates and how they're connected.
  • Pollinator analysis presentation, as shown at the SCAPE and CEES 2015 conferences.
  • Simbies - A simulation and analyzis program suite for the paper "Do not divide count data with count data; a story of pollination ecology" by Trond Reitan and Anders Nielsen.
  • Hare-lynx page: Here I describe a project of analysing predator-prey abundance data using stochastic differential equations coming from theoretical ecology. Data and code is included.
  • Statistics course 3 for hydrologists. Will be held at HS, NVE.
  • Statistics course 2 for hydrologists. Will be held at HM, NVE.
  • I'm holding a lecture on identifiability at CEES. here's a PowerPoint and PDF version of this lecture.
  • Introduction, advanced usage and a "under the hood" view of my stage-discharge rating curve program (using Bayesian regression).
  • Statistics course for hydrologists. Held at NVE.
  • My lecture for CEES concerning hare/lynx analysis, where I use ecological models (stochastic differential equations) in order to look at the capture data for hares and lynx in Canada. PDF/PowerPoint version.
  • Statistics course for hydrologists. Held at Statkraft.
  • Pacman evolution - A lecture about a programming experiment I did, with evolution in a graphical virtual world.
  • Survival analysis - a workshop/crash course in the subject. Presentation, exercise text and R help code is found here.
  • Material for my gene correlation analysis. Searches for groups of correlated gene expressions in microarrays. Can also be used for other analysis where the object is to find groups of correlated objects. The analysis is Bayesian, so if you know before the data that some genes/objects probably are correlated, this knowledge can be used.
  • Time series crash course, held for CEES 30/5-2011.
  • Layered. This is an online resource page for my layered stochastic differential equation apparatus, which will be used in an upcoming paper. The apparatus was originally used for analyzing microfossils, but I've later generalized it, and used it on water temperature data and my own body weight.
  • My thoughts on allometry. This is a lecture I held for a couple of biologists in order to discuss allometry, the relationship between one body part and another.
  • Material for my lectures and exercises in Bayesian statistics for ecologists at Finse.
  • My presentation at Kent university next week. PDF version.
  • Source codes and example files for multistate system reliability analysis with stochastic component (un)availabilities.
  • Source codes for analysis of layered linear stochastic differential equations are found here. A test file is included. The program must be altered in order to accomodate other data structure, different number of sites, other layering structure etc.
  • Inference programs for dynamic rating curves can be found here.
  • MCMC routines for R available here. Also, two example files, linear regression and gaussian mixture.
  • My presentation of layered evolutionary modelling is available in PowerPoint and pdf format.
  • I've made a presentation about my research conterning Bayesian rating curves. It's available in PowerPoint and PDF format.
  • An expanded version of my spam lecture (26/4) is available in pdf format, here. PS: only in norwegian. PSS: The translation from OpenOffice to pdf was not perfect.
  • There's marginally illuminating look at a quantum bouncing box in two dimensions, available here.
  • A course in Bayesian statistics and simulation technique that I held at NVE, 5/12-2007. norwegian flag
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