Multi-state system analysis - limits of systems with stochastic component availabilities


This web page presents programs and a few example files for doing system reliability analysis. The program library contains classes and functions for representing general multistate systems, using minimal cut and path sets for different levels.


The library itself contains the functionality found in 'limit_hist' plus component-wise and module-wise representation of a system. In addition, a reading subroutine for importing system descriptions from files is found in this library. This library needs the Hydrasub and GSL library for compilation.

Source code:


The program, 'limit_hist', that comes with the library, performs estimation of limits around the systema availability for multi-state systems with stochastic component availabilities and unavailabilities. In order to take full advantage of it, two external plotting programs from the Hydrasub library called 'vvgraph' and 'histogramme' is needed.

The program is written on a Linux machine, but can also be compiled on the Cygwin subsystem of Windows, if a C++ compiler is included. It also needs X11-support if plotting is wanted.

Source code:

Examples files

Example files from two systems are included. The first system is composed of a series of two modules, where each module consists of a parallell between two components. Several versions of that system is contemplated, using an exponential model for failure and repair. Two different repair rates and three different time intrevals (for the second repair rate) is included as separate system files. The second example is a model of an offshore oil rig and only has one set of component availabilities and unavailabilities attached to it.