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Truls NorbyTruls Norby

Professor, Department of Chemistry , University of Oslo (UiO)

Member of Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN)

Central in the FERMiO top-tier research group (toppforskningsmiljø)   Functional Energy Related Materials in Oslo



Together with Assoc. Professor Reidar Haugsrud, I run a research group at the Department of Chemistry:

Group for Solid-State Electrochemistry



The research group for solid-state electrochemistry works within defects and defect-related properties in functional ceramic materials at high temperatures. This comprises defect chemistry and its thermodynamics, diffusion and mobility of defects, conductivity and permeability. A specialty is protons in oxides, and we are currently interested also in neutral hydrogen species and hydride ions in oxidic environments. We study and develop proton conductors, oxygen ion conductors, electronic conductors, and mixed conductors for high temperature fuel cells and electrolysers, sensors, and dense, inorganic gas separation membranes. We also engage in studies of fundamental processes involved in the degradation of such materials. The group has started to approach the emerging field of nano-ionics, taking tools and concepts from nano-technology into use to understand and develop the properties of nano-dimensional structures; surfaces, electrodes, interfaces (phase, grain, and domain boundaries), nano-cages, and nano-particles. We combine experimental studies with DFT-based and other theoretical modelling. Current focus comprises solid-state photoelectrochemistry, thermoelectric oxides, nitrogen defects, surface kinetics, grain boundary transport properties,  


       1 professor, 1 assoc. professor, 6 post-docs/researchers, 2 techn./adm. staff, 1 visiting scientist

       15 PhD candidates + 6 PhD candidates co-supervised with external main supervisors 

       5 Master students,

       1 trainee/exchange student


        See papers in press at the right hand side of this page, plus the publications page (last two years plus full list)

   Facilities FEG-ESEM sample hot-stage at ca. 1000 °C. Photo A.W.B. Larsen & C. KjølsethFEI Qanta 200 FEG-ESEMProboStat sample holder

    Laboratory for electrical and electrochemical characterisation, diffusion, kinetics, and thermogravimetry at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres. Instrumentation includes PLD, FEG-ESEM, XPS/UPS, SPM, hot-press, dilatometer, quadropole mass spectrometers, impedance spectrometers, screen-printer.

   Some instrumentation is available for UiO users and external users. See terms and prices.


    Projects currently funded from RCN, EU   

        RCN Renergi THERMEL

        RCN Renergi KINOXPRO (Man. Haugsrud)

        RCN FRINAT NITROX (Man. Haugsrud)

        EU 7FWP Energy-NMP EFFIPRO

        RCN Renergi SPECHY

        RCN FRINAT: Hydrogen in oxides

        RCN Nanomat nanoPCFC; Nanostructures for proton conducting fuel cells (Coord. SINTEF)

        RCN Renergi STACKPRO; Stack technology for ceramic proton conducting fuel cells

        RCN N-INNER "D-INNER"; novel and improved proton conductors (Coord. Haugsrud)


   Positions/vacancies. Scholarships

       See updates on the bottom right hand side of this page, plus on the dedicated page for positions/vacancies and scholarships.


Administrative, editorial, and other engagements

    Solid State Ionics (Editor)

    Materials, Energy and Nanotechnology (MENA) Bachelor and Master Programmes (Member of programme council)

    The Research Council of Norway (RCN) The Hydrogen Platform (member of Strategic Council)

    SINTEF (Consultant + Representative of UiO in SINTEF's advisory council)

    NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS (Chairman of executive board)

    Protia AS (member of executive board)


Academy and Society Memberships

   The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Class of Natural Sciences, Division of Chemistry

   Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters  

   The American Ceramic Society, The Electrochemical Society, The Norwegian Chemical Society 



    The following are courses and other teaching I am currently engaged in 

    MENA 1000 Materials, Energy and Nanotechnology 

    MENA 3200/4200 Energy Materials

    KJM-MENA 4010; Experimental methods. Module: Electrical measurements

    KJM 5120 Defect chemistry

    Camilla Kongshaug at the SEM

For students: University degrees in materials science and chemistry at UiO

   Bachelor of Science (BSc) programmes

              Materialer, energi og nanoteknologi (MENA)           Materials, energy and nanotechnology (MENA)

              Kjemi (KJM)                                                                   Chemistry (KJM)     


   Master of Science (MSc) programmes

            Take a 2-year Master of Science (MSc) degree including a 1-year research project, in the MENA or KJM programmes.

            MSc i Materialer, energi og nanoteknologi (MENA)               MSc in Materials, energy and nanotechnology (MENA)

            MSc i Kjemi (KJM)                                                                      MSc in Chemistry (KJM)


            Master studies in our group 2010?

            Suggestions for MSc projects 2010

            MENA and KJM bachelor degrees give access to MSc studies in our group. Also foreign BSc degrees or similar education may give access.



         Possibilities mainly depend on funding of various projects. For scholarships, see  positions & vacancies.


    Student carrieer & jobs. Karriere og jobber

        Where do our students work? Hvor og med hva arbeider studentene våre etter utdannelsen?

        See example list from Department of Chemistry.

        Examples of job ads: REC


Contact Information


+47-22840654    Mobile: +47-99257611     FERMIO admin: +47-22840664



Two stone statues in front of Forskningsparken. Photo: Julie Yuqing YePostal address

University of Oslo, FERMIO, Gaustadalleen 21, NO-0349 Oslo, Norway

Visiting address

University of Oslo, FERMIO, Gaustadalleen 21, NO-0349 Oslo, Norway

Electronic mail

General Information (no job or internship applications please): Truls Norby
Webmaster: Webmaster





Protia AS won DnB NOR's Innovation Prize national grand finale! Read more.

See article in Teknisk Ukeblad (TU)




GasMix version 0.500 is available: Bug fix over 0.400 for calculations involving He.


The Norwegian Hydrogen Guide 2010

SOFC news: The Bloom Box



FERMiO seminar Wednesday Oct. 27 10.15-12.00 Meeting room 10, Forskningsparken: Novel PEMFC electrode developments, F- doping of perovskites, cation diffusion in La2NiO4....

Tuesday meeting talks 12:00.

PCFC day

Publications in press 

J. M. Polfus, T. Norby, R. Haugsrud, Nitrogen defects from NH3 in rare-earth sesquioxides and ZrO2”, Dalton Trans., (2010), doi:10.1039/c0dt01068e.

S. Erdal, C. Kjølseth, T. Norby, “Concentration and mobility of electrons in ZnO from electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power in H2 + H2O at high temperatures”, J. Phys. Chem. C, (2010) doi: 10.1021/jp1063534.

Zuoan Li, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Oxygen bulk diffusion and surface exchange in Sr-substituted La2NiO4+δ“, Solid State Ionics, doi:10.1016/j.ssi.2010.10.009.

C. Kjølseth, Lin-Yung Wang, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Isothermal simultaneous TG-DSC of the enthalpy of hydration of oxygen vacancies in Y-doped BaZrO3 and BaCeO3, Solid State Ionics, doi:10.1016/j.ssi.2010.10.005.

Vajeeston Nalini, K. Amezawa, Wen Xing, T. Norby, “High temperature proton conductivity of ZrP2O7, J. Electrochem. Soc., 157 [10] (2010) B1491-98.

Vajeeston Nalini, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Defects and transport properties of Sr-doped LaP3O9, Solid State Ionics, 181 (2010) 1264-69.

H. Fjeld, K. Toyoura, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Proton mobility through a second order phase transition: theoretical and experimental study of LaNbO4, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.,  12 [35] (2010) 10313-19.

S. Erdal, C. Kongshaug, T. S. Bjørheim, N. Jalarvo, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, Hydration of Rutile TiO2; Thermodynamics and Effects on n- and p-type Electronic Conduction, J. Phys. Chem. C, 114 [19] (2010) 9139–9145.

T. Bak, T. Norby, J. Nowotny, M.K. Nowotny, N. Sucher, “Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst - Unresolved Problems” in “Solid State Chemistry and Photocatalysis of Titanium Dioxide”, (J. Nowotny, M.K. Nowotny, eds.), Trans Tech Publ. Inc., Zurich, ISBN 3-908451-82-5, Solid State Phenomena, 162 (2010) 77-90.

M.F. Sunding, D.M. Kepaptsoglou, S. Diplas, T. Norby, A.E. Gunnæs, “XPS Characterisation of the Interface between Anode and Electrolyte in a Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cell”, Surface and Interface Analysis, 42 [6-7] (2010) 568-571.

Zhonglin Jiang, T. Norby, H. Middleton, “Evaluation of Metastable Pitting by Charge Integration of Current Transients”, Corrosion Science, 52 [10] (2010) 3158-61.

A. Magrasó, H. Xuriguera, M. Varela, M.F. Sunding, R. Strandbakke, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Novel fabrication of Ca-doped LaNbO4 thin film proton conducting fuel cells by pulsed laser deposition”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc.,  93 [7] (2010) 1874–1878.

A. Magrasó, R. Haugsrud, T. Norby, “Preparation and characterization of Ni-LaNbO4 cermet anode supports for proton conducting fuel cell applications”, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 93 [9] (2010) 2650–55.

T. S. Bjørheim, S. Stølen, T. Norby, “Ab initio studies of hydrogen and acceptor defects in rutile TiO2, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 12 (2010) 6817-25.

P.H. Tsai, T. Norby, T.T. Tan, R. Donelson, Z.D. Chen, S. Li, “Correlation of oxygen vacancy concentration and thermoelectric properties in Na0.73CoO2‑δ”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 96 (2010) 141905-10.

T. Norby “A Kröger-Vink-compatible notation for defects in inherently defective sublattices”, Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 47 [1] (2010) 19-25.


Published articles and full list

New personnel and graduations

Nalini Vajeeston defended her PhD thesis October 28. Congratulations!

Ingrid H. Nygård, Jie Sylvester Pan, and Shiyang Cheng start as MENA M.Sc. students this autumn.

Liv-Elisif Q. Kalland and Einar Vøllestad start as Ph.D. students this autumn.

Andreas Sjaastad is KJM2020 project student in our group this autumn.


Harald Fjeld started as researcher in the Thermel project as of July 1.


Open positions and scholarships

Positions in Group for Solid-State Electrochemistry (Norby/Haugsrud at SMN/FERMiO):

  • None right now

Positions within SMN and FERMiO and other collaborating groups:

  • None listed here right now

Other relevant positions within chemistry and materials science:

  • None listed here right now.

For instructions and explanations regarding positions and applications, see also the dedicated page.


Other stuff

NorECs; Home of the ProboStatTM and the ProGasMix (Figure).

Harald's guide to the KBr wetting stage is available


Click to see the list of responsibilities for personnel in our group




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