Truls Skeie's homepage

Computer science student at University of Oslo, enjoy Real Madrid, beer and long walks on the beach.

Feel free to conact me: trulsske[at]

Courses I have taken

INF5110 - Kompilatorteknikk Inf1000 - Introduction to object-oriented programming INF1040 - Digital Representation INF1300 - Introduction to databases INF1050 - Systems development
INF3580 - Semantic technologies INF2220 - Algorithms and data structures Mat1030 - Discret Mathematics INF2140 - Modeling and programming parallel systems INF1010 - Object oriented programming
MAT1001 - Mathematics 1 INF3290 - Store og komplekse informasjonssystemer ENT1000 - Entrepreneurship INF3170 - Logic INF1800 - Logic and Computability
INF1060 - Introduction to operating systems and data communications INF3190 - Data communications INF3151 - Operating systems INF1500 - Introduksjon til design, bruk, interaksjon INF3800 - Search Technologies