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OOram Professional is a tool package for Object Oriented system analysis and design, with support for the powerful role-modeling concept. It supports modeling of complex systems in a highly productive way, encouraging systematic use of object patterns. OOram confirms to UML 1.1.

OOram Professional includes modeling tools, model management utilities, documentation and on-line help.

OOram 5.0
Download OOram Professional 5.1 Beta (selfextract, 7,9Mb. Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0)
Release notes
A Short description of OOram
The user applies graphical and textual techniques for modeling data and functional aspects. OOram Professional provides integrated document production and automated report generation, with live links between document elements and object models. This ensures consistency between models and documentation. The tool provides export formats for documents and bit-maps.

Model inheritance supports the creation of composite models from simpler ones and vice versa. 

This synthesis feature supports the use and reuse of object patterns in a controlled manner.

The output gained from working with objects using OOram Professional, is well-documented object structures, role models and classes.

The graphical representation can be enhanced with customized icons created by the user. (Icon editor is included in the tool package).

A method for OOram is thoroughly described in the book: Working with Objects