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Note: Outdated

BabyIDE is an experimental interactive development environment that supports the DCI paradigm with specialized browsers for each perspective. These browsers are placed in overlays within a common window so that the programmer can switch quickly between them. The BabyIDE experiment marks a new departure for object oriented programming technology. It opens up a vista of new and interesting research challenges and product opportunities.

A ZIP file containing a Squeak demo image for running under Windows can be downloaded from
BabyIDE-1.ZIP that contains all the files you need for running the program, see the README file for more details.. The image has been set up to be run by programmers who need not be familiar with Smalltalk/Squeak.

If you want to install Squeak on your computer, go to http://www.squeak.org/ for downloads. The BabyIDE.ZIP file contains the .image and .changes files you need to run the demo.