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The SPICE-Marie Curie Research Training Network - short presentation:

SPICE is the acronym for Seismic wave Propagation and Imaging in Complex media: a European network. It is a European-Union funded project that is coordinated by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany, and especially its Dept. of Geophysics. Its duration is of 4 years, starting in 2004. The University of Oslo takes part in the project, with 13 other Universities or Institutes.

The SPICE Consortium aims at integrating institutions with specialisations in physical, mathematical, geological, and computational aspects of wave propagation. The goal is to develop, verify and apply computational tools for wave propagation and imaging problems on all scales.

Tasks in which the UiO is involved are the so-called T3 and T4, mostly at a large scale (planetary and continental scale):

For further information:

You can display/download information about the SPICE-Marie Curie Research Training Network here: Download!

Please visit the SPICE Website at http://www.spice-rtn.org

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