Completed Courses

Department of Informatics

  • INF1000 Introduction to object-oriented programming
  • INF1080 Logical methods for computer science
  • INF1050 Systems development
  • INF1400 Digital technology
  • INF1060 Introduction to operating systems and data communication
  • INF1300 Introduction to databases
  • INF1010 Object oriented programming
  • INF2080 Logic and computations
  • INF2100 Project in programming
  • INF2220 Algorithms and data structures
  • INF3100 Database systems
  • INF3331 Problem solving with high-level languages
  • INF3510 Information security
  • INF1510 User-oriented design
  • INF3580 Semantic technologies
  • Entrepreneurship

  • ENT1000 Entrepreneurship
  • Theoretical astrophysics

  • AST1010 Astronomy, a cosmic journey
  • Projects

    Exam notes

    Every document is written with LaTeX using TeXworks. The markup is available at my GitHub account.

    ENT1000 · INF1010 · INF1060 (OS) · INF1060 (Com) · INF1300 · INF1400 · INF2080 · INF2220 · INF2270 (Asm) · INF2270 (Logic) · INF3190 · INF3331 · INF3510 · MAT1001 · INF1510 · INF3580



    I am in love with TikZ! In association with a lesson I gave on TikZ I wrote a breif manual for drawing in TeX with TikZ (only available in Norwegian at the moment).


    I usually give one lesson on Adobe Illustrator at Sonen each semester. The lesson and tutorials is only available in Norwegian.

  • Illustrator
  • Ifi-blekka

    "Ifi-blekka" is a magazine for the new students at the Department of Informatics. In 2011 I contributed with design for this magazine, and in 2013 and 2014 I was the editor and designer. In 2014 I contributed with the design.

  • Ifi-blekka 2011
  • Ifi-blekka 2012
  • Ifi-blekka 2013
  • Ifi-blekka 2014
  • Lectures

    Some of the lectures I have held during my years at UiO.

  • Programming in Processing (Jan 2015), Nordstrand barneskole
  • Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator (2012-2014), Dept. of Informatics
  • Drawing using TikZ (Nov 2014), SINTEF
  • Drawing using TikZ (Oct 2014), Dept. of Informatics
  • Technology and Design (Sep 2014), Ungforsk, UiO
  • Electronics and programming (Jun 2013), Desucon 8
  • Logic in Minecraft (Mar 2013), The Gathering 2013