The following is some exam notes I have been writing for my self.
Mainly used for repeating lectures and text books and other notes.

Keep in mind that all these documents may contain several flaws, and may be out of date. Always use your text book as main source for information. Some of these does not even contain a proper reference list, shame on me.

For LaTeX-markup, visit my Github account.

  • ENT1000 - Entrepreneurship
  • INF1010 - Object-Oriented Programming
  • INF1060 - Introduction to Operating Systems and Data Communications (Data Communications) (Operating Systems)
  • INF1300 - Introduction to Databases
  • INF1400 - Digital technology
  • INF2080 - Logic and Computations
  • INF2220 - Algorithms and Data Structures
  • INF3510 - Information Security
  • MAT1001 - Mathematics 1
  • INF3190 - Data communication