Solar Encounter: The first Solar Orbiter Workshop Conclusions(4.1)


EUV Spectrometer

 Preliminary Wavelength Selection

 Lines available to "strawman" EUV spectrometer

He I 58.4 nmUpper Chromosphere/Lower TRStrong line, interpretation?
He II 30.4 nmTransition Region 8x104 KStrong line, interpretation?
O III 59.9 nmTransition region 105 KInterpretation?
Mg X 61.0 nmCorona 1.2x106 K 
Si IX 29.6 nmCorona 1.3x106 K 
Fe XII 29.1 nmCorona 1.5x106 K 
Si X 29.3 nmCorona 1.6x106 K 
Fe XIX 59.2Corona 7.9x106 K