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  1. Klein J, Nizetic D, Golubic M, Dembic Z, and Figueroa F:
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  3. Loetscher H, Brockhaus M, Dembic Z, Gentz R, Gubler U, Hohmann H-P, Lahm H-W, van Loon D, Pan Y-C E, Schlaeger E J, Steinmetz M, Tabuchi H, and Lesslauer W:
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    In Oxford Surveys on Eucaryotic Genes
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  4. Lesslauer W, Brockhaus M, Pan Y-C E, Lahm H-W, Gubler U, Dembic Z, Gentz R, Tabuchi H, and Loetscher H:
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  5. Bogen B, Dembic Z, and Weiss S:
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    In Immune Modulating Agents
    (ed. T F Kresina), Chapter 3, 35-54 (Marcel Dekker Inc., New York; Basel; Hong Kong, 1998).

  6. Dembic, Z.
    "The Function of Toll-like Receptors”
    in Toll and Toll-Like Receptors: An Immunologic Perspective
    (ed. Rich, T.) Chapter 1, 18-55. (Landes / and Kluwer Academic/Plenum, Gorgetown, 2005)

  7. Dembic, Z.
    "Karcinogeneza ili nastanak raka” (in Croatian)
    u Medicinska / Internisticka Onkologija
    (eds. Semir Beslija i Damir Vrbanec) Pog 2, 21-50. Udzbenik onkologije za studente medicine (Sveuciliste u Sarajevu, Zagrebu, i Ljubljani, 2014)

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