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-- In “scientific methods” journals:
1. Schreurs O, Halstensen TS, Dembic Z, Bogen B & Schenck K.
Fixation of Tissue Sections for TUNEL Combined with Staining for Thymic Epithelial Cell Marker.
Biochimica 4, 19-21 (1997).

-- Meeting reports, editorials, comments, etc.:
2. Dembic Z.
Second International Conference on Signal Transduction, Croatia May 2000.
Scand J Immunol 52, 1-4 (2000).
3. Dembic Z.
Critical elements in case-control studies in predisposition to tuberculosis.
Scand J Immunol (2003) 58:386.

4. Dembic Z. (a book review)
Nagy, Zoltan, A.: A history of modern immunology: the path toward understanding.
Scand J Immunol (2014) Nov 29. [Epub ahead of print]

-- Review articles (in Croatian):
Dembic Z.
T lymphocyte recognition.
Medicina 23, 41 - 47 (1987).
2. Dembic, Z.
Immunologic recognition, tolerance and autoimmunity.
Medicina 26, 1 - 7 (1990).

-- Books:

1. Dembic Z, among 18 other authors from the Department of Physiology, Medical faculty, Zagreb.
Thousand Answered and Commented Test Questions in Physiology

(ed. Marusic M.) (Stvarnost, Zagreb, 1984).

2. Dembic Z: Citokini i Bolest (Cytokines and Disease)
Udzbenik iz imunologije za medicinare i stomatologe, prirucnik i udzbenik za poslijediplomski studij iz klinicke imunologije za lijecnike i zubare.
Textbook in immunology for graduate and postgraduate studies in medicine or odontology (in Croatian)

3. Dembic Z: Cytokines of the Immune System (The role of Cytokines in Disease Related to Immune Response).
Textbook for graduate (the first four chapters) and postgraduate studies in immunology, biology and odontology.
Printed and ebook versions available at (in English).

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