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Zubeeda Quraishy

Born in Madras,India now known as Chennai in a conventional Muslim family with a broader outlook towads liffe had my education in Madras from schooling till doctorate.Received my doctorate in Anthropology from Univerrsity of Madras,After my completion of Ph.D Post doctoral fellowship was awarded from University Grants Commission , New Delhi to work on Population, Education and Development and it is during those years an interest was developed in doiing research on environment and health related aspects and presentations were made at Stockholm Water Symposium,Sweden and in International Geographical Congress held at Hague,The Netherlands.The research in health led me to work using anthropological methodologies.on transdisciplianry topics relating Gender and health, Gender and aagriculture and impact of structural reforms on gender,health and agriculture. The reults of empiirical research carried out in various settings were presented in national and international fora. Selected to work as a "Fellow" in Resource Centre for Gender and Development in M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai,, an internationally reputed research instiute for agriculture and later in an EU funded project on Health Sector Reforms in India. Scholarship was awarded to attend a three month intensive course on Information organised by IFU at Hamburg University,Germany and on completion of the course had the distinction of being employed by Univ of Oslo,Norway to work as part time faculty in dept of informatics, and ful time Project Coordinator, on Health Information Sytems Programme implemented in India.since 2001