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Christina Mörtberg

PhD, Docent

Position: Associate professor (førsteamanuensis)

tel.: (+47) 2285 2416
fax: (+47) 2285 2401
email: chrismmo at ifi.uio.no

Research Interest

My research interests can be described in two interrelated areas:

Systems Design: all knowledge is partial, locally, historically and culturally dependent. Numerous persons are involved in design processes with a variety of visions and ideas. A feminist alternative is to give room to muliple voices by valuing heterogeneity over homogenity and domination. Questions to address are: how can multiple voices be kept alive? Do some methodologies and methods support heterogeneity better than others? Why and how do some perspectives win over others in design processes? How does asymmetrical power relations (gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality etc) intervene in designers definitions of actors involved in systems design? How do designers inscribe their visions of the worlds in the artefacts and systems?

Theory/methodology: combining and developing systems design approaches (participatory design, experimental design) with feminist technoscience and ANT

Projects (ongoing)

      • Automation and Autonomy in an Informatiopn Society for All

Projects (completed)

In the crossroads between possibilities and risks of the expanding ICT-mediated society and working life the aim was to examine learning and knowledge processes among civil servants in the Swedish public sector. Another aim iwas to develop and test different forms of support for learning processes.The intention was also to create an arena for local re-negotiations of ICT and gender where a variety of perspectives will be weaved together. The research was conducted in the region of Blekinge, southeast Sweden together with Pirjo Elovaara, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.
The project was funded by LearnIT, KK-stiftelsen (Knowledge foundation), Sweden.

      • Mobile services: Sluta slappa börja wappa- mobila tjänster för vem och till vad?

a project funded by VINNOVA, Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, see the final project report

      • Research Network Information Technology, Transnational Democracy and Gender ITDG


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