Cloé Garnache

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
University of  Oslo
cloe.garnache at

CV [pdf]

My research

My research focuses on natural resource management, environmental policy design, and non-market valuation methods. Most of my work examines how policy design affects resource use and the value of ecosystem services, such as wildlife habitat and aesthetic amenities. The methods I use include microeconomic theory, econometrics, survey and experiment designs, dynamic programming, and bioeconomic modeling.

Peer-reviewed articles

Reeling, C., Garnache, C., and Horan, R. (2018) “Efficiency Gains from Integrated Multipollutant Trading.” Resource and Energy Economics, 52:124--136.

Garnache, C. and Mérel, P.R.
(2017) The Social Costs of Environmental Goods Provision: A Cautionary Guide to the Revealed-Preference Approach. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 4(4):1025--1052.

Garnache, C.,
Mérel, P.R., Howitt, R.E., Howitt, R.E., and Lee, J. (2017) Calibration of Shadow Values in Constrained Optimization Models of Agricultural Supply.” European Review of Agricultural Economics, 44(3): 363--397. (Lead article)

Garnache, C., 
Mérel, P.R., Lee, J., and Six, J. (2017) “The Social Costs of Second-Best Policies: Evidence from Agricultural GHG Mitigation.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 82:39--73.

Klaiman, K., Ortega, D.L., and Garnache, C. (2017) Perceived Barriers to Food Packaging Recycling: Evidence From a Choice Experiment of US Consumers. Food Control, 73(B):291--299.

Klaiman, K., Ortega, D.L., and Garnache, C. (2016) “Consumer Preferences and Demand for Packaging Material and Recyclability.  Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 115:1--8.

Garnache, C., Swinton, S.M., Herriges, J.H., Lupi, F., and Stevenson, R.J. (2016) Solving the Phosphorus Pollution Puzzle: Synthesis and Directions for Future Research.American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(5):1334--1359.

Garnache, C. and Mérel, P.R. (2015). “What Can Acreage Allocations Say About Supply Elasticities? A Convex Programming Approach to Supply Response Disaggregation.” Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66(1):236--256.

Garnache, C. (2015) Fish, Farmers, and Floods: Coordinating Institutions to Optimize the Provision of Ecosystem Services. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(3):367--399.

Working papers (available upon request)

A City on Fire: The Effect of Salience on Risk Perceptions”  (with T. Guilfoos)

“Effect of Wildfires on the Value of Recreation Services in Southern California” (with F. Lupi)

“Linking Markets to Improve Trading Program Participation and Performance” (with C. Reeling and R. Horan)

(Selected) Research in progress

“Can Social Comparisons Nudge Farmers to Reduce Pollution? Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial” (with J. Herriges and F. Lupi)

Efficiency Gains Arising from Dynamic Groundwater Markets  (with T. Guilfoos,  J. Suter, and N. Merrill)