Dag Trygve Truslew Haug

Professor of General Linguistics and of Greek and Latin at the University of Oslo

Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Arts and Ideas
PO Box 1020 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo

Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
PO Box 1102 Blindern
N-0317 Oslo

Email: "my first name and my last name (and none of my middle names) written as one word"@ifikk.uio.no

I work in historical linguistics, syntax (Lexical Functional Grammar) and formal semantics. I started out in Homeric philology and comparative Indo-European linguistics, but realized that good historical work must be based on sound lingustic theory.

I still think Greek and Latin offer wonderful data for linguistic research. Some of my work has a computational slant, and I lead the development of the PROIEL treebank. The treebank started out with early versions of the New Testament in Greek, Latin, Classical Armenian, Gothic and Old Church Slavic, but is now being expanded with several other texts.