Curriculum Vitae

Diderik Lund

February 10, 2020


Office: Department of Economics, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1095, Blindern, NO–0317 Oslo, Norway, tel. +47 22855127, fax +47 22855035.

Home: Tuengen Alle 9, NO–0374 Oslo, Norway, tel. +47 22490297.


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Born 1953 in Oslo, Norway. Male.

Citizen of Norway. Married, two children born 1980 and 1985.


Graduate: The Ph.D. degree in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A., 1987. Accepted as at least equivalent with Norwegian doctorate in November 1987.

Graduate: The Cand. polit. (approx. Master's) degree in economics from the University of Bergen, 1981.

Diploma in Education (pedagogisk seminar), University of Bergen, 1979.

Undergraduate: The Cand. mag. degree (mathematics, economics, sociology) from the University of Bergen, Norway, 1976.


Retired, October 2016.

Employed full-time at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway, as research assistant (vit. ass.) August 1984 – December 1985, as research fellow (univ. stip.) January 1986 – December 1986, and as associate professor (førsteamanuensis) January 1987 – April 2001. Until March 1989 a position with special obligation to lecture in business economics, thereafter a general position in economics. Professor of economics May 2001 - September 2016. Elected Deputy Head of Department 2004, acting as Head spring 2004. Elected Head of Department January 2005 – December 2007 for the Department of Economics. Affiliated with the research center Oslo Fiscal Studies since 2012.

Research fellow in petroleum economics, The Norwegian Research Council for Science and the Humanities (NAVF), 1981 – 1984. First year at The Chr. Michelsen Institute, next two years at M.I.T.

Other professional experience

Occasional part-time lecturer for Petrad, Stavanger, 2019–2021.

Member of organizing committee for international conference on Real Options, Oslo, June 2016.

Project leader for Workshop on Financial risks from climate change, in cooperation with NBIM, Oslo, January 2016.

Member of organizing committee for Nordic workshop on tax policy and public economics, Oslo, November 2015.

Chair of advisory forum for public tax commission in Norway 2013–2014. See also item no. 46 below.

Invited lecture in conference 18 April 2012 on review of Danish petroleum taxation and regulation, organized by Danish Ministry of Taxation.

Member (Fagkyndig meddommer) of Borgarting lagmannsrett (court of appeal) October – November 2011, court case on financial investments.

Member of local organizing committee for the joint EEA-ESEM conference in Oslo, 2011. Responsible for infrastructure and temporary staff.

Chair of the board of the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research, Oslo, January 2008 – December 2015.

Member of the employer's panel (aftagerpanelet) at the Department of Economics, Copenhagen University, Denmark, May 2007 – June 2013.

Member of the programme board for the bachelor's programme in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Oslo, 2007–2016.

Elected leader of the National University Committee for Economics (Nasjonalt fagråd for samfunnsøkonomi) under the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions, August 2005 – January 2008.

Testimony in public hearing in two committees (EPU and SAU) of Folketinget (the parliament of Denmark) on tax consequences of petroleum licensing in Denmark, December 9, 2003.

Member of Danish governmental commission on petroleum taxation February 2001 – October 2001.

Member of Norwegian public commission on petroleum taxation November 1999 – June 2000, cf. items no. 35 and 36 on the list of written production.

Member (Fagkyndig meddommer) of Oslo District Court (Oslo Byrett) September – December 1999, tax court case.

Member of organizing committee for EAERE's ninth annual conference, 1999.

Member of programme committee under the Research Council of Norway, the programme “Industry, Finance and Market”, 1997 – 2002.

Main organizer of a conference in Oslo, Norway, December 1997, on tax policy in the Nordic countries.

Member of the board for funds (endowment) management at the University of Oslo (UNIFOR) 1994 – 1998.

Scientific advisor to the Centre for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF) January – December 1993.

Member of the Norwegian programme committee under the UNESCO programme “Man and the Biosphere”, January 1992 – December 1994.

Consulting contract for the World Bank 1991, cf. item no. 37 and 54 on the list of written production.

Initiated, helped organize, and chaired a conference in Loen, Norway, August 1989, on stochastic models and investment decisions, cf. item no. 38 on the list of written production.

Project leader at the Centre for Applied Research (SAF), project on petroleum taxation, 1987 – 1990.

Research assistant at the Centre for Petroeconomic Studies, The Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway, 1980 – 1981.

Teaching assistant at the Department of Economics, University of Bergen, 1976, 1977, 1979.

Written production – papers published in international refereed journals

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    Written production – papers published in Norwegian refereed journals

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    Written production – thesis, reports, book review, memoranda, lectures, working papers, teaching notes

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External PhD committee member, examiner, opponent, or similar, for the following candidates